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The art of changing the world

Cosmoculture will show how culture intervenes in politics, not only when it is openly political.

[chronicle] 29. and 30. October, the Kosmokultur project will be arranged at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. The purpose is to create a meeting place for discussions with emphasis on the cross-border potential of art in higher art education, cultural similarities, identity, freedom of expression and human rights. There is an increased awareness that art and culture are the driving force for democracy, equality and interaction across ethnic or religious divisions, as well as its use in identity and nation building, which the Academy of Arts in Palestine (IAAP) is a concrete example of. The initiator of the creation of IAAP is visual artist Henrik Placht, who is also project manager for the Academy of Fine Arts at KHiO.

Cosmoculture consists of a seminar, an Artist Talk, an installation and an exhibition, and is a collaborative project between the Nobel Peace Center, the research project Cultural Complexity in the New Norway (CULCOM) and the Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO).

Hardcore vs softcore.

Traditionally, international politics has been dominated by an approach called hardcore, for which military operations are a tool. . .

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