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The big thinker is pulled out of the mole bag

Ibn Khaldun. An Intellectual Biography
Forfatter: Robert Irwin
Forlag: Princeton University Press (USA)
A new biography of the Arab 1300 number historian Ibn Khaldun has recently been published. Is he now getting his renaissance?

In the Saudi Arabian city of Damman, a large shopping center bears the name of Ibn Khaldun. In Casablanca, this is the name of a modern football stadium, and there is hardly any city in the Arab world that does not have a street named after the great historian of the 1300. Which is really a bit interesting, because he has been forgotten and overlooked for many years, and is only in the 20. century again became a name.

Abd al Rahman Ibn Muhammed Ibn Khaldun. . .

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Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

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