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The bloody blasphemy heritage of the colonial lords

This month's support mark in honor of an Islamist killer is rooted in an obscure and brutal history – and also shows the deep divide that characterizes many Pakistani communities. It is important not to make the divisions bigger.

Sunday 6. March was a somewhat unusual sight that characterized the west edge district of Frogner's street scene in Oslo. 150 Norwegian Pakistanis of all ages, women and men, demonstrated in front of the Pakistani embassy. They carried posters with slogans like "In the service of the Prophet even death is acceptable" and "The Islamic warrior Mumtaz Qadri's death penalty is un Islamic and unacceptable". They also carried pictures of the body of Qadri. Those passing by who were tossing a stroller or airing the dog stopped and stared in disbelief at the impassioned assembly.
This obscure homage to a killer has a long and even more obscure. . .

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