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The US-Mexico conspiracy

The Guardian of Memory
Regissør: Marcela Arteaga

MEXICO / USA: In Mexico, they violate human rights by ignoring the law. In the United States, they violate human rights by applying the law.

The Guardian of Memory addresses the Mexican state's startling support for the violence that ravages cities just south of the U.S. border across the Rio Grande in Texas. Arteaga documents the disturbing circumstances surrounding Donald Trump's populist MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement and the notion of a wall paid for by Mexico to keep desperate refugees out of the "wonderland" flowing with milk and honey.

It says something about the dignity of this movie that weaves images of abandoned assets along with painful stories of these people who must relate to America's ruthless immigration and asylum policy, that neither Trump's name nor politics is mentioned once.

The thoughtfully arranged family pictures, which are left with clothes, suitcases and children's toys, are used to choreograph a story of painful need.

Unrestrained violence. Arteaga's story unfolds around pioneering Mexican-American lawyer Carlos Spector, who has dedicated his life to those who have escaped murder and extortion, and to "missing" sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other family members.

"Seeking asylum is neither a whim or a luxury; it is a person's last ticket to life – and to continue to fight," says one of Spector's clients – a Mexican city council member who fled after his local colleagues were systematically killed.

Together with his wife Sandra, Spector created the Mexicans in Exile fund to support Mexicans seeking political asylum in the United States. They fight for justice treatment of them north of the border, claiming that the two countries are involved in strengthening corruption and allowing the violence to flourish unhindered in Mexico. In addition, the rights of asylum seekers are being ignored in the United States.

“Seeking asylum is neither a whim or a luxury, it is a human being
the last ticket to life – and to continue to fight. ”Attorney Carlos Spector

"Impunity is not the result of violence". . .

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Nick Holdsworth
Holdsworth is a writer, journalist and filmmaker.

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