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The Counter-Revolution in the 21st Century

Is the rebellion in full swing? («Is the revolt turned to the right»)
Forfatter: Pablo Stefanoni
Forlag: Siglo XXI, (Buenos Aires)
ALT-RIGHT: Argentine political scientist takes the pulse of the alt-right both high and low and shows the cultural struggle that gives the alt-right tailwind and the center-left wing headwind.

In today's Argentina, the radical right wing is punk, and the center left wing is Puritan. That's how simple it can be said. And so does Argentine journalist and political scientist Pablo Stefanoni in his new book La rebeldía se volvió de derecha? ("Has the uprising turned to the right?").

Stefanoni knows how to take an extremely fresh and historical and contemporary historical look at the radicalized right wing both on the politically and financially polished floors at the top, but not least among the vast (white and silent) majority in the West. The book offers the reader a tremendous tango with the ever-changing universe that the so-called alternative right wing – alt-right – is and is being shaped into in these years.

The main thesis of the book is that this renovated and by no means homogeneous group of right-wing parties (perhaps) has taken over the flags of rebellion. What Italian historian Steven Forti calls the alt-right the extreme right wing 2.0.

«Save trees, not refugees»

Alt-right's fuel is the political correctness that is perceived as a police of thought – and the Marxist cultural struggle that has been won in the West. They practice political incorrectness and speak to millions of citizens – and voters – about climate change, migration crisis, fewer resources.

Stefanoni highlights how a center-left for millions of Europeans and Americans has lost the parameters and courage to say. . .

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