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The dangerous thing about doomsday prophecies

CLIMATE ANXIETY: In reality, the world is moving forward, although fanatical activists and desperate media would like to tell us the opposite.

Many people wake up every day thinking that things are just getting worse. It's no wonder, given the news they are bombarded with from newspapers and television. But the gloomy mood is a problem, as it feeds into the horror stories that climate change will end in armageddon.

In reality, the world is getting better, generally speaking. The average life expectancy has more than doubled since years 1900 and is now more than 70 years. Since the increase has been particularly noticeable among the poor, as are the health disparities decreased. We are more knowledgeable, there is less child labor, and we live in one of history's most peaceful periods.

In addition, has. . .

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Lomborg is a visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center

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