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The debate about salmon

The debate on the future of the aquaculture and fisheries industry is characterized by unclear intentions and a lack of long-term perspectives. It is more important to enable people to participate in the debate than to convince that "Salmon is important for Norway".

The Norwegian fishery resources have been further privatized by the latest governments, whether they have been red-green or blue-blue. Provisions on who has the right to fish and under what conditions have been made through gradual changes and dewatering – without the Storting or most people having a good dialogue about the direction further. The opinions of those who disagree are often rejected because they see the changes in a larger context. Nature and Youth believe that the fishing industry is moving away from a sustainable environmental and coastal society, and instead is on the way to a system where the accounts of the major industry players are assessed ahead of the value added to the country.

New quota system

On the table at the Ministry of Trade and Industry are now several different proposals for the future of the smallest coastal fleet. This fleet group is important when it comes to recruiting young people, because it is possible to establish oneself without having to pay millions. . .

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Hugstmyr Woie Former Central Board Member in Nature and Youth.

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