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Debt that runs wild

It is interesting which psychology is currently in the world economy. In the West, we have now financially borrowed the real value 25 times. This is a pyramid game that will eventually have to smoke. The naivety that now emerges is not exactly among certain central banks or private financial institutions, but rather among those who eventually have to pay the bill.

Central banks print money to stimulate the economy – today this is done at the touch of a button (see front page). But if someone asks for their money – only a 5-10 percent withdrawal of deposits in the banks due to the banks' own borrowing – will cause the banks to collapse within the chains and networks they operate with each other. This is, for example, the Greek government is aware of; therefore, they recently proposed setting up a limit on withdrawals from banks, and also asked people to give away part of their savings – so the banks did not. . .

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