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The document that started the war in 2001

USA / MILITARIZATION:: In this article, Niels Harrit points out that the participation of European countries in the attack on Afghanistan in 2001 was illegal – according to the UN Treaty. Were a number of countries tricked into the "war on terror"?

The children who go to Danish and Norwegian schools have never experienced their country in peace. Since the oldest vintage was born, our countries have participated in it apparently endless destruction of the countries of the Middle East.1 Europe is disintegrating under the weight of refugees from these areas. Were these wars legal? The legal basis for the initial decisions has never been identified.

In 2016, the Danish government under Lars Løkke Rasmussen requested a historical report from the University of Copenhagen on the decision-making processes prior to Denmark's participation in the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The report. . .

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Niels Harrit
Ph.D., Dragør, Denmark.
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