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The dream of a different world

Communism. A little story about how it will finally be different
Forfatter: Bini Adamczak
Forlag: THP (Danmark)
The fall of the Soviet Union was understood as the final victory of capitalism over communism. But there is someone who wants to restore it and give communism political significance today.

When Bini Adamczak's little book on communism was published in the US in 2017, under the title Communism for Kids, caused the great resurrection. A number of reactionary commentators from media such as Breitbart talked about "brainwashing" of American youth. The combination of communism and children's book was too much.

It may well be that the capitalist national democracies are not surrounded by the same self-evident naturalness as they were after the fall of the wall, but we do know that in many contexts "communism" has meant mass murder and tyranny. How, then, can Adamczak write a story about how people try to create a communist society?

Something must be done

In a North American context, the word "communism" is fraught with connotations of. . .

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Mikkel Bolt
Professor of political aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

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