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The wireless industry's sunsets?

A call from scientists and doctors around the world calls on the European Commission to halt the rollout of 5G in Europe until the health and environmental impact has been investigated by impartial researchers. The call indicates that the harmful effects of microwaves are known, and already so extensive that they threaten the health of humans, animals and plants.

(PS. This article is machine-translated from Norwegian)

5G – the fifth generation of mobile telephony – which is now in the process of being rolled out, is a major technology-driven community project. The ICT industry delivers the tools for new growth: cheap technology with great rationalization and welfare benefits by connecting software for tens of billions of things wirelessly. This is part of the EU's Europe 2020 vision.1 Politicians, bureaucrats, technologists, business leaders and consumers have been blinded by the ideas of eco-economic decoupling – that is, growth without environmental costs2 – in the form of "smart" cities, meters, health care, and so on, while not yet taking over the cost side that follows when microwaves are everywhere and at the same time being pushed to deliver more: Costs grow faster the more technology is deployed. Wireless is on top, but on the way to sunsets.

Harmful. The 5G network is scheduled to be introduced in Norway over the next few years as well, and will form the basis for Internet of Things. Everything and everyone is going to include: light bulbs and elevators, vending machines and refrigerators, electricity and water meters, electric cars and sheep, school scans and heart monitor implants. The need for capacity is a driver for the development.

Greater capacity for the Internet of Things requires higher frequencies, shorter distances between the masts and more signal pulse strength3. 5G fixes this. But very basic biological functions are disturbed and harmed when exposed to such. Organic life is adapted to natural background radiation of microwaves of 0,001 microwatts per square meter (µW / m2).4 Already, peaks are 10 µW / m2 and easier to find in city centers. 5G will provide us with antennas on every street corner and inside office space, and will drive the radiation level further up. The world's scientists and doctors are repeatedly begging for lower limit values.5 In 2011, the European Parliament asked for a limit of 1000 and a maximum of 100 µW / m as soon as possible2 – that was the conclusion after a review of the knowledge status.6 The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, on the other hand, operates with a limit high above this – at 10 million μW / m2 as an average over a few minutes. The microwatt measurement criterion, which measures the strength of energy exposure, is also very poor. For the damaging effects are not only dependent on the strength, but also for example whether the frequency gives resonance somewhere in biology. So either weak or strong – more microwaves cause more health damage.7

For a small but significant and growing proportion of the population, the cost is acute discomfort and ailments.8 Thanks to body-close sources such as mobiles on the bedside table and wireless tablets in school, more and more young people are affected, and for all of us, the cost is an increased health risk.9 This happens so imperceptibly and slowly that we do not understand the connection until afterwards – if at all. Like the frog in the water that slowly warms up. Electromagnetic radiation is often included in a cocktail of environmental toxins. Affected makes the body system that happened to be the weakest or most legally cut.10 Most doctors are unprepared to identify such and end up with symptomatic diagnoses such as ME, crystal disease, rash, anxiety and other diffuse ailments that do not hang the bell on the cat.11 Damage is now seen in insects and trees, in amphibians, birds, animals and plants, and among bees the radiation contributes to pure mass death.12 The documentation is comprehensive and clear and is increasing every week. Over 25 research studies are in the databases, some of which of course find no relationship between exposure and injuries, but such are normal and have no weight when other good studies show the way

We are naturally adapted to microwave background radiation of 0,001 µW / m2. Already now – before 5G – over 10 µW / m000 is common in urban cores. 

research Status. Several of the most important mechanisms of injury are more than adequately understood, though much is unclear about life's infinite complexity. We know, for example, that the behavior of biosystems is linked to tiny XNUMX-hour variations in our electromagnetic environment, but that these XNUMX-hour variations are now overwhelmed by microwave communication and their low-frequency pulses.13 Comprehensive meta-studies show that the calcium channels of the cells can be finely opened by the energy of microwave radiation from a mobile mast or telephone, and that the cells' most basic chemical processes are thereby disturbed. The consequences are therefore to be found almost all over the health spectrum, from headaches to acute heart failure, ME and cancer.14 The incidence of certain types of cancer and tumors rises in line with what we can expect with such injury mechanisms.15 The nerve wires (synapses) can "learn" to respond extraordinarily and long to quite specific exposures, such as from wireless networks, transformers or mobile chargers. Such increased signaling in the nervous system can cause acute rashes (electrical hypersensitivity) and over time increase the chance of a variety of neurological injuries and disorders16, yes, even autism17.

The paradigm of the health authority. The above knowledge does not seem to affect our health authorities, no matter how well documented. It is simply filtered out by the sources the trade union, the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, adheres to. The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has outsourced its expertise18 to a professional echo chamber that repeatedly states in investigations that waterproof evidence of these findings is not yet available and that limiting measures are therefore not justified.19 The agency's organization, measurement methods, knowledge and regulations are adapted to the old-fashioned paradigm that heating is the only cause of harm, and heating does not happen at the exposure levels we are talking about here.20 The management is thus based on outdated dogmas and circular arguments.

Mirrored S-curve. It is said that when a company builds a new headquarters, the warning lights should flash. For then, the industry has probably passed the midday altitude and is heading for sunsets. Many have noted that this is probably true for Statoil and the oil, because the environmental costs per extracted barrel will now rise beyond the permissible.

The same line of thinking should be applied to telecommunications: The societal and environmental costs were long disappearing compared to the gains. The head offices were both large and beautiful. The transition from national telephone monopolies to global competition markets, to mobile telephony and wireless internet has undoubtedly created great benefits and increased growth. But 5G pulls the trend far down the mirrored S-curve for the cost-benefit feature. Scientists warn that the microwave's attack on organic life is so extensive that we are close to a tipping point: The DNA damage we get from microwave radiation is so extensive that we cannot allow ourselves to further weaken the cell's repair capacity. We will do that in a 5G development.21

The goat and the oatmeal. Nevertheless, we should not expect new management signals from the health authorities: the department director in the Ministry of Health and Care Services in this area is called Elin Anglevik and is the wife of Telenor's "Vice President" Erik Nord. She has for many years unreservedly responded to factual, elaborate and research-based criticism from people with and without medical certificates on health failure due to microwaves, claiming that all research in the field is reviewed, that the research cannot demonstrate adverse effects, that the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has the necessary competence , that nothing is wrong with today's management of the field, and that the views and research conclusions that come to other answers are not scientifically well founded.22

This pattern is repeated in many western countries, and is even reflected in research priorities: Internationally, we find that research funded by the industry or government-controlled almost finds no harmful effects, while free research finds this to a considerable extent.23 There is also little interesting research in these countries – perhaps just some debatable epidemiological studies in recent years. The dogma that the technology is harmless as long as one does not warm up is maintained in such a way by "censorship" exercised with such soft and hard tools24, while knowledge of adverse effects that has been known for decades25 is unknown to most.

Faced with such challenges, therefore, responsible business leaders and politicians must not respond by showing that the management sets the framework and that the industry players must then only run within these – because that is their role in the market. Instead, they should stick their heads together and talk about what kind of world they want to hand over to their grandchildren. And then they will demand the changes in the management that will be able to live with – also in the future.


  • 5G is a new generation of mobile and data communications that will provide increased capacity for streaming services such as film, music and television. The vision of the Internet of Things is about rationalization and new services by connecting things over computer networks – from light bulbs to concert tickets and nuclear power plants.
  • The 5G network will use higher frequency ranges than before – so-called millimeter waves – to increase capacity. Transmission frequencies up to 39 GHz, that is well above today's 4G frequencies, are approved for use in the United States. Technical details are unfinished, so the technology has not been tested for biological effects. However, it is clear that strong digital pulse will be included. It produces low "overtones" that are highly biologically active.
  • Deployment of 5G is in preparation in a number of countries after the US FCC, led by former wireless industry leader Tom Wheeler, gave the green light in 2016. In the United States, lawsuits are underway in a number of states to prevent legislation giving free access to set up antennas.
  • The EU 5G Action Plan is a strategic plan to create a "unified digital market" and will form the backbone of the EU's business sector in the future. Norway is connected to this. The plan is to be implemented according to the model Public Private Cooperation and starts in 2018. Development will first take place in cities and along transport years. (Source: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/5g-europe-action-plan)
  • For an overview of military and other research on 5G and millimeter waves, see also https://steigan.no/2017/09/23/5g-gjor-hele-verden-tradlos/
  • The ICNIRP – International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – is a private foundation that develops guidelines for protection against non-ionizing radiation. The latest guideline that provides reference values ​​for microwave radiation is from 1998, and is based on heating damage as the only cause of damage. ICNIRP is coordinated with WHO's office "The International EMF Project", with the US IEEE, and has close links to the ICT industry and Western defense.
  • The ICNIRP guidelines are automatically applicable regulations in Norway – in English and without a decision. ICNIRP's guidelines encourage employers and states to set their own limits based on the current state of knowledge. The Ministry of Health and Care Services The Norwegian Radiation Protection Agency derives its views on the status of knowledge from committees closely linked to ICNIRP. These selections – to which the globe is subjected to very strong criticism (see, for example, note 15) – consistently conclude that no adverse effects other than heating have been sufficiently proven. ICNIRP's reference values ​​for heating damage are thus used as limit values.
  • The Norwegian administration mainly rests on two such committees: a committee set up by the Ministry of Health and Care Services which submitted its report in 2012 (FHI 2012: 3), and a permanent committee under the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority. The Norwegian health care system therefore does not recognize electrical hypersensitivity as a diagnosis, nor that microwave radiation can damage without heating.
  • The Radiation Protection Regulations state that adequate protection is to follow "good practice", and "good practice" is defined as following ICNIRP guidelines – which in turn relinquish responsibility for knowledge status. Many are now getting sick of “smart meters” despite the fact that “good practice” has been followed (cf. https://einarflydal.com/smartmaler-historier/).


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Einar Flydal
Flydal is a pensioner with a background as a researcher and senior advisor in the Telenor Group and a university lecturer at NTNU.


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