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The fascist paradox

Truls Øhra
Truls Øhra is the author. See review of his book The history of power in MODERN TIMES.
USA: Did the poor, as a result of the American political system, have no choice but to ally with the oligarchs who first created them?

Joe Biden emerged victorious from the duel with Donald Trump. We call it a choice of destiny. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But victory is nothing to cheer for. The truth is that almost half of this record high electorate supports Trump with all his lies and all his anti-democratic outcomes because he, of all people, has given them, the white underclass, which under Nixon and Reagan liked to describe themselves as the silent majority, an overriding voice in American politics.

This should come as no surprise: political powerlessness has caused the centralization of power and money in fewer and fewer hands throughout the Western world, and the new poverty it brings now, as a direct consequence of this political decay fascism, rises to the ideology of the poor masses.

The fascist ideology not only violates the principles underlying civil society, it recreates the struggle for existence and gives the lost man the right to legitimize his place in the world by force – as in Germany in the interwar period.

And because democracy itself has created the material poverty fascism feeds on, the enemy in this new game of power becomes all those who have profited from it – the democrats themselves.

Normally, such a proletarian uprising would embrace the social democratic values ​​that form the basis of the collective unity of our democracy, but because the Democrats in the United States themselves have rejected such renewal throughout the post-war period, to finally reject Bernie Sander's warning here! twice in a row, showing the back of the poor masses' cry for justice.

The victims that are the result of the political system therefore have no choice but to ally with the oligarchs who initially created them, in order to take control of the democratic institutions with capital behind them.

Lying game

The anti-democracy movement in the United States is characterized by its religious framework. In exchange for God's blessing, the chosen orthodox crusade leads the apostate and sinful Democrats with the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets as a reference to the Day of Judgment.

When they in our rational world call on God, it is because he gives them the right to stand above the democratic whole with a higher one. . .

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