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Fears of fear

The Border Fence
Regissør: Nikolaus Geyrhalter
( Tyskland)

BORDER CONTROL: With or without fences, Europe will have to take part in the ever-changing outside world.

In his latest documentary, The Border Fence, the Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter once again portrays the European fear of "The Other". His movie Abendland (2011) showed a series of scenes depicting Europe at night, with the main subject being surveillance cameras and border fences that keep strangers out. IN The Border Fence he takes the pulse of his life by it
Austro-Italian border region Tyrol. Early in 2016, Austrian politicians announced their plans to build a border fence in the Brenner Pass – which marks one of the most important traffic links between Northern Europe and Italy – to stop illegal refugees from Italy. Tyrol can thus be seen as a microcosm that reflects Europe as a whole where different ideas and anxieties collide.

Will protect paradise

The establishment of the Schengen area and the abolition of border guards were revolutionary. . .

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Astra Zoldnere
Soldiers is a Latvian film director, curator and publicist.

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