The fires are natural for the landscape!

The ecology of the landscape: Who is responsible for the fires? With this year's forest fire season in California and Oregon, are we witnessing a new kind of "cultural disaster"?

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Published: September 21, 2020
Fire in Paradise - An American Tragedy
Author: Alistair Gee Dani Anguiano
Publisher: WW Norton & Co, USA

[Note. Only published online]

The Los Angeles area, September 2020: Mornings with the house full of smoke that stings the eyes and burns in the throat. Days with a red sun bathing the garden in a theatrical orange light while the ashes fall from the sky like gray snow. Evenings where the smoke clears enough that we can see the flames licking up the hills above the house. After three days of this, we decided to travel: Pasadena, where we live, is on the evacuation list for the Bobcat fire that is raging these days. We are betting that an eight-lane motorway will be enough to keep the house safe and set course for the interior, towards the desert where the sky is blue. At the motel I try to…

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