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The Future of Europe

EUROPE / MODERN TIMES recently visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and met one of the founders of the Conference on the Future of Europe – where the following topics have been discussed: democratic values, climate change, social justice and job security, human rights, European defense and digital transformation. This is the basis for ORIENTERING this time, as we on the following pages have asked a number of Norwegian opinion leaders about much of the same. And here with Daniel Freund, who is a member of the party Die Grünen in Germany, we could not help but talk about climate.

Daniel Freund (b. 1984) has sat in The European Parliament for Die Grünen in Germany since 2019. He was involved from the beginning in establishing the Conference on the Future of Europe, which serves as panels with around 200 randomly selected participants, or citizen assemblies (CA) – what we in Norwegian would call civic council or civic assembly . This started with his interest in the Irish Citizens' Council on the Abortion Act, and another CA on marriage for all regardless of orientation:

"When the idea for The Future of Europe came up, we actually made it much bigger than anyone had initially thought." Since September last year, several major gatherings have been held in Strasbourg, and their reform proposals will now be summarized in May in Strasbourg, President Macron. . .

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