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The game about Norwegian nuclear policy

NATO: Anyone reading Kari Enholm's new book Never Again Hiroshima! – The game about Norwegian nuclear policy can only be filled with deep distrust of NATO politicians and NATO newspapers.

ORIENTERING 1970 Is it true that Norway has said no to nuclear weapons? Take this statement up in a round of questioning with people around, and you will get a massive yes answer. For many long years, the NATO press and NATO members of parliament have painstakingly printed this notion that Norway has gone against nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil.

Only through the Campaign against the work of the Nuclear Weapons and the efforts that a number of individuals have made in articles, lectures and books has it been possible to uncover the myth of Norway's nuclear policy.

For what would ordinary people believe when the country's prime minister, Einar Gerhardsen, from the Storting's rostrum could say: «The government's position is clear. It opposes nuclear weapons in the Norwegian defense. The position taken by the Labor Party's parliamentary group on the issue is also clear. It goes unanimously. . .

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