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The government did not strengthen whistleblower protection

NOTICE: The government did not follow up on the notification committee's proposal, neither about its own notification ombudsman nor its own notification committee.

In November 2016, the Norwegian government appointed a committee to review the notification rules in the Working Environment Act and assess the need for legislative amendments or other measures to strengthen whistleblower protection. The committee submitted its recommendation on 15 March 2018. Great expectations were attached to this opportunity to strengthen the whistleblowing institution in Norway. It was particularly interesting that the notification committee concluded that notification is a value and not a problem for society when the notification is taken seriously and followed up, and wrote: "The goal must therefore be to establish good systems and cultures for notification in the companies."

Own alert agent

The committee proposed that a separate whistleblowing ombudsman be established to provide advice, support and assistance to whistleblowers in specific cases. The ombud should have good competence and assist both whistleblowers, whistleblowers, employers and others affected.

At the same time, it was believed that the notification ombud should convey general knowledge and thus an understanding of the value of notification. . .

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