The helpful robots of the future will give you a brainstorm

ROBOTS: We can look forward to both brainstem and elimination of neurological diseases in a robot-assisted future.

Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.
Talking to Robots – A Brief Guide to Our Human-Robot Futures
Forfatter: David Ewing Duncan
Forlag: Robinson (Storbritannia)

ROBOTS: We can look forward to both brain teasers and elimination of neurological diseases in a robot-assisted future.

"Imagine a world where just having your own bare brain to deal with new technology is a laid-back stage," the award-winning journalist writes David Ewing Duncan.

Well, I never actually thought in those paths, never worried about the development of my own naked brain. Firstly, the brain is relatively well protected in the skull, and secondly, I have both my body and my soul to worry about, and they occupy me more, to be honest. But the fact that the brain is hidden in the skull is of course part of the problem: that is why it is so difficult to change.

As a result, I am intrigued when the author writes about how future brain robots will be able to optimize my brain using daily cognitive brain gymnastics in Neuroscape's virtual brain gym.

A world where no one needs to suffer from depression or other neurological diseases such as ADHD or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is surely a fine world. No one needs to use medication to keep illnesses at bay, for example it can be done through neurological play, which helps your brain repair itself.

Healthy without medicine

Imagine that children with ADHD can recover without the use of dangerous drugs, a world where you do not have to go to a psychologist if you are depressed, since the brain scanner attached to your brain via your brain robot is already aware of how you are doing. , and has started one brain massage before waking up in the morning.

You have to believe A Brief Guide to Our Human-Robot Futures, there is no need to worry about human development, that is, the development of what makes us specifically human, namely the ability to playfulness, spontaneity and curiosity.
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