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The search for compromises

Covered Up
Regissør: Rachel Elitzur
( Israel)

JEWISHNESS: Covered Up is an emotional film about a woman's inner struggle between personal choices and the ultra-Orthodox Jewish tradition.

One woman says it took her seven years to get used to it. Another struggles daily to wear it in the morning – she has many negative memories from her wedding day, when it became a permanent part of her everyday life. It's all about wigs. Some ultra-Orthodox Jewish women wear them, and in the beginning Covered Up some of them talk about this tradition with astonishing honesty. In their world, the wig shows that a woman has the status of married. It is a protective shield and a sign of her personal. . .

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Hans Henrik Fafner
Fafner is a regular critic in Ny Tid. Residing in Tel Aviv.

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