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The joy of life is not completely dead in Gaza

The people of Gaza have become a tough population. Music, movies and buzzing life on the sandy beaches characterize life, amidst poverty and violence. 

Gaza is often associated with crises. And crises are something this coastal enclave, squeezed in between Israel and Egypt, has known for decades. A quick search on the web results in nothing but stories about the struggle for existence and a working everyday life in a hard-to-find conflict area.

Stories of poverty, war and distress also dominate when the Gaza Strip, home to nearly 1,85 millions of Palestinians and one of the most densely populated areas in the world, is mentioned in social media.

All photos: By Alkabariti

For those who know the city, the story is different. Palestinian novelist Ghassan Kanafani summed up the situation well when he wrote that "everyone in this city has a role to play".

This narrow strip of land is adorned with sandy beaches and caressed by the southernmost part of the blue Mediterranean. It also offers a less flattering view that is more familiar: heaps of gray concrete buildings and narrow, warm alleys.

But when summer is at its worst, hordes of Gaza residents head for the beach to get a cool break from the heat and. . .

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