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The lies of Mubarak's regime!

The Mubarak media propagate lies to hide their crimes: Over 400 young Egyptians killed last days. We need the world media to tell the truth about the regime now!

(PS. This article is machine-translated from Norwegian)

Nawal El-Saadawi (79) is an award-winning author, doctor, feminist and activist in Cairo, Egypt. She has since 2009 been writing exclusively for Ny Tid.

CAIRO, EGYPT (FEBRUARY 5, 2011): I have lived this revolution among millions of young men, women and children at the Tahrir (“Liberation”) Square in Cairo since 25th of January 2011, until now, Saturday 5th of Feburary.

We are keeping our position in the square day and night, sleeping in tents, fighting for Freedom, Dignity, Justice – against 30 years of oppression and dictatorship.

No power has been able to divide us. We continue, in spite of all deception from the regime's media, or from the police or from the military powers.

The message of the Egyptian Revolution is that the revolution is continuing until the Mubarak regime falls. Mubarak and all his men have to be put on trial for the crimes they did during the last 30 years, and for the crimes during the last few days:

More than 400 young people have been killed in the last few days since January 25th. More than 6000 are severely injured!

The Mubarak media propagate lies to hide their crimes.

We need the media of the world to know that Mubarak can destroy Egypt, and kill us, just to keep his Chair in power.

Please let the world know that.

Visit Nawal El Saadawi's website at www.nawalsaadawi.net

Click here for El Saadawi's column (in Norwegian) from February 4th 2011.

Every Friday some of the world's leading advocates for freedom of expression write for Ny Tid, Norway's global weekly magazine. They do so in the name of Anna Politkovskaya (1953-2006), the famous Russian journalist who was shot to death in Moscow on Oct 7th 2006. She was at the time writing exclusive columns for Ny Tid, as the only paper outside of Russia .

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