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The lot of human life

Mussolini's Sister
Regissør: Juna Suleiman
(Palestina, Israel)

WOMEN'S LIFE: Black humor illuminates this close-up portrait of a sarcastic, elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, longing and bitterness.

It is something The Odd Couple-just by Juna Suleiman's cynically funny docufiction portrait of the old sarcastic Palestinian woman Haim's life and love (or rather hate) relationship in Mussolini's Sister. And – before you ask – the title is really eye-catching. It is explained, far out in this remarkable snapshot of the life of an eighty-year-old woman in Nazareth, when we hear that she actually had a brother named Mussolini… Oh, and one more brother, named Hitler, who died as a child. Cross my Heart. . . .

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Nick Holdsworth
Holdsworth is a writer, journalist and filmmaker.

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