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The gentle, ordinary and tame

François Jullien's Unexeptional Thought
Forfatter: Arne de Boever
Forlag: Rowman & LIttlefield, (Storbritannia)
CHINA: Via the sinologist François Jullien, Arne de Boever reveals blind spots, dangerous prejudices and decisive differences in mentality in the meeting between East and West.

Anyone who wants to understand the world today, especially with his eyes on the future, must try to understand China. But how do we understand the five thousand year old culture of a billion people without access to their language? We must turn to translations and mediators, to the sinology, which takes on the difficult task of making Chinese culture and way of thinking accessible. But can we trust the translations, the communications?

The Western version of China risks becoming overly recognizable – or being made into a pure ornament, an exotic cliché. The goal must be to win back the gaze of China's genuine alienation.

With the Boevers François Jullien's Unexeptional Thought the reader gets Chinese thinking double filtered through critical nuances and reservations. The result of this careful study is a fruitful ambiguity. The fact that the thought material is left open for interpretation,. . .

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Anders Dunker
Philosopher. Regular literary critic in Ny Tid. Translator.

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