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The modern political lie and the political lie

ESSAY: How can it be that some politicians can lie as much as they want, like President Trump, and at the same time be perceived as truthful by their voters? We look at how the philosopher Hannah Arendt defined the difference between the traditional and the modern lie, as the difference between hiding and destroying. And how the truth can be faked because one can finger reality.

Since <br><br>Donald Trump took office as US President, article after article has been written about his lies: according to The Washington Post they amounted to no less than 2018 by the end of the summer of 4229 [18 'false or misleading claims' within 000 days, writes the newspaper 14 April 2020, editor's note]. At the same time, he is president with great "truth capital." He is not seen by his constituents as a liar at all, but on the contrary as a long-awaited truthful politician – as someone who says no other politician dares. The more often he is caught lying, and the more articles and lists are created about his lies, the stronger this truth capital seems to grow in the eyes of his followers.

When the world can be transformed into a circus, carnival and procession.

When we today discuss fake news, alternative facts »and lies in political contexts, we often forget that lies and secrets have always been part of the political game – the Roman concept arcana imperii refers, for example, to empire and power as something secret, something like. . .

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