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With the death of Ståle Eskeland the 26. December 2015, Norway has lost an important alternative voice in foreign and security policy. 

Staal Eskeland was a criminal justice professor with a keen interest in international crimes. He worked with peace law, the right and the duty of peace, and spoke for himself The most serious crimes (Cappelen Damm, 2011) as his main work. In this book, Eskeland deals with the major international crimes â € “war crimes, crimes against peace, genocide, torture â €” and it contains legal review of the state of law in both Norwegian and international law. He did not need to go to great lengths to find practical illustrations, but did show that sitting Norwegian political and military leaders were responsible for war crimes.

Screen Shot at 2016 01-13-16.26.48Lately half the year he had the pleasure of seeing a public discussion about the Libya war. Now that we remember his life and work, there may be reason to bring out some of what Eskeland wrote about the Libya war already in 2011:
"Shortly before the book went to press, Norway became a participant in a new war, this one. . .

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