The movement of the movements

It is one of the great dilemmas of the time, that the constellation of power that now rules and reigns in the world is at the same time leading civilization closer and closer to collapse. In such a world, it is vital to be familiar with key concepts that can provide overview and insight, but which at the same time also equip one with bearing marks for action in and for life. In Resilience, Community Action and Societal Transformation with the subtitle People, Place, Practice, Power, Politics and Possibilities in Transition, practical experiences in social change are presented. The concept of resilience is understood here as the resilience needed to ensure a profound and far-reaching transformation of society. The book – focusing on a knowledge-based and community-driven transition – presents a series of contributions from a Resilience 2014 conference organized by the Resilience Alliance in France. Leading action and resilience researchers as well as community activists here contributed experiences, ideas and action stories, all of which were about establishing community resilience.

The alternative to growth. The universe of change has three basic preconditions: Humanity and human social activity should, in principle, be seen inseparably. . .

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