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National Library: It's as if the building has been waiting for this

The National Library recently opened an exhibition on Norwegian sci-fi. "Maybe more than ever we need a genre that can contain philosophical and difficult questions about our existence," writes author Hanne Ramsdal.

DISPLAY: Great future
National Library, Oslo
Up to 6. April 2019

Unlike many others, I was never concerned with sci-fi in childhood. Those I know who were passionate about it say in retrospect that they used the books and movies as an escape, as a way of dreaming away. And that they did not see the political aspects of sci-fi as a child.

I must have fled and dreamed away in other ways, by reading passages in the books on the bookshelf of my mother that could be reminiscent of an adult life. Novels with a high degree of realism, with words like pubic hair. . .

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Hanne Ramsdal
Ramsdal is a writer.

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