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What's new in the uprising

NEWSPAPER EDITOR: The new form of protest mentioned by the anarchists does not want an overarching "narrative" about the events in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong in the early 90 century – before China's takeover in 1997 – I spent one night at the top of 66. floor of the Revolving 66 restaurant, which rotated around the illuminated vibrant city as I glimpsed China behind the dark forests in the distance.

Since that time, the liberal population has noticed a growing closeness from communist China, with a fear of extensive governance and surveillance. And with Hong Kong's China-friendly government proposal for an extradition agreement for "criminals" it boiled over to residents this summer. Never before has the entire 2 million of Hong Kong's 7,4 million residents protested in the streets.

But can we see something far deeper and different this time than the usual demonstrations – unlike the Hong Kong umbrella movement in 2014, or the Tiananmen Square 30 years ago? There may be something else going on, such as with the yellow west of France or Extinction Rebellion's comprehensive environmental protest.

Today, more anarchist-inspired collectives in Hong Kong say that the demonstrations are portrayed by the media and government as recognizable stereotypes of insurgents. One does not necessarily want frightening scenes with police, organized marches and prominent opposition leaders. These can easily be overpowered as defectors and "criminals", where the consequences are many. . .

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