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The obedient servants

NATO defense is a sector of society that can only meet with total opposition. (Leading in Orientering 22.3.1969)

The "Norway out of NATO" campaign recently released a statement stating that NATO membership gives grounds for military refusal. This is justified by both our participation in the military alliance's nuclear weapons strategy and the "ever stronger cooperation with fascist and authoritarian states, which with NATO support fights liberation movements and expands their oppression and exploitation of other peoples. As a NATO member, we are co-responsible in this criminal activity.

The worksheet reproduces most of the opinion, but deftly removes a small section where it is shown how Norway prepares for the use of nuclear weapons. "Our base and nuclear policy is firm," the Arbeiderbladet always states, and information that combat group commanders and other operative key personnel are trained and trained in (simulated) use of nuclear weapons is therefore not suitable for publication. There should be calm about these questions, and what else should a NATO editorial staff use?

Dagbladet. . .

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Eriksen wrote for Ny Tids' predecessor Orientering.

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