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The offspring of nationalism

Miranda – A politician is created
Regissør: Mats Ågren

Meet the teenager who wants to take back a Sweden she is too young to have experienced – a Sweden that has never existed.

The cultural spotlight has been turning extra hard on the political right in recent years, and not without reason. In Mats Ågren's documentary, we meet the politically active fourteen-year-old Miranda, who is a member of the Nationalist Youth Party Sweden Democrats Youth Association (SDU) in Sölvesborg. It is in this village that the mother party of the Swedish Democrats (SD) has the greatest support in all of Sweden, which Miranda believes is simply a combination of the fact that the children here listen to their parents and that the party leader, himself Jimmie Åkesson, comes from there. What we get served is not just an insight into the life of a Swedish youth, but small drips from her family, friends, party traps and a village that everyone thinks it is immigrants which is blamed for virtually everything that is wrong with the country.

Insightful portrait. Miranda – A politician is created has certainly an interesting and important starting point. In the face of the right-wing populist forces that have become increasingly dominant in today's political reality, we ask ourselves, time and time again, the same question: How does the xenophobic and hateful man really arise?

The answer is simple and complex. . .

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