Science fiction is a movie genre that often requires big budgets, but equally important for a successful result are the big thoughts these stories can hold. At its best, this is also a genre that harnesses the full aesthetic potential of film media, such as Stanley Kubrick did with 2001: a romodysse (1968). A film that combined philosophical thought experiments and groundbreaking power-making into a unique cinematically experience.

The science fiction genre has also long prevailed in the TV series format, with series such as Star Trek, Doctor Who og V. As the series has received budgets that are not left behind for the movies, at the same time as science and technology realizing more and more of what the genre used to rave about, it's no surprise that "sci-fi" appeals to the many who consume audiovisual stories at home.

One of the latest additions in that regard is the mini-series devs, the British writer and director signed Alex Garland (b. 1970), which is a mere demonstration of power of this format's formative and dramaturgical possibilities.

DEVS series HBO artificial intelligence

Gifted storyteller

Ever since he made a romance debut The Beach In 1996, Garland has distinguished himself as an exceptionally gifted storyteller with an impressive ability to combine fascinating concepts, interesting characters and enthralling dramaturgy. After the debut novel was filmed Danny Boyle, Garland himself wrote the script for two films. . .

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