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The ontological earthquake

Freud's bourgeois paradox, the collapse of ideology, and the return of social questions to the ruling class are some of the themes in this essay collection.

Mikkel Bolt, Peter Borum, Else Marie Bukdahl and Ettore Rocca (ed.):
Hospitality in art and politics
Basilisk, 2016


Hospitality in art and politics is a three-language publication, and primarily intended as a tribute to the Danish cultural personality Carsten Juhl. Carsten Juhl was instrumental in ending the Marxist influence on Danish cultural life in the 1970s. In the eighties he helped to introduce "the postmodern state" into the Danish public.

At Freud's. "Avant-garde and the Problem of Intimacy" by Mikkel Bøhg is one of the best essays in the book. "The issue of the intimate in culture, in art and in their experience has for long periods up through the 20th century caused difficulties for both avant-garde and modernism advocates," he writes in the essay, which addresses the aesthetic and political rupture between the aesthetics of bourgeoisie and avant-gardeism from the end of the eighteenth century until the First World War, from the "secluded world of bourgeoisie" to the blast of all forms after the breakthrough of avant-garde. The essay becomes particularly interesting when Mikkel Bøhg enters into Freud's paradoxical homeliness, his willingness and ability to civilize his surroundings, while at the same time problematizing and revealing bourgeoisie and its "domestic disgust." Bøhg writes: "With his accumulating and cross-referencing collection of pictures and objects he got the interior turned against himself. "

New revolution? "A new beginning?" is written . . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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