The neglected and aging

PHOTO - GRAN CANARIA: The purpose of the book Getaway has been to investigate the Westerner when he or she "enjoys, dreams, escapes and recovers".

Published: 2020-03-03
Author: Photos by Jantzen Larsen Jakobsen Caspersen Kristoffersen
Disko Bay, Copenhagen

Gran Canaria's dry sandbanks are spreading throughout the book Getaway first pages. Some recesses, it must be traces from the heads of the dromedaries, go across, while the people, two and two, zigzags on the hill tops, certainly to avoid rises. My eye follows the people in the photos, their gaze, wandering with them in an inverted Z, from the bottom up - reaching out into every corner of something that could be a parable, a fate story of the man of capitalism, the working animal.

At the far end of the horizon, the blue sea, the rolling waves and the spray of foam, the target of humans, the object of their desires can be seen. And on the route out there are no oases, only dunes under the rising sun.

Life, a desert walk. A quest for holidays, interruption of work and utility thinking, rationalization and productivity.

Cut to the next scene: photo # 2 in the photo story Getaway. We arrived, near a beach bar near the sea, here are beer mugs, bare ass and flippers, curvy backs and hairy arms. Bad copies.

Later, people are seen sleeping lazily on loungers, towels or just sand, exposing their tacky nature, hammocks, aging breasts, relaxing penises and clenched eyes. The bodies are informal and without posture, loose in the flesh or played out, the skin wrinkles and is sun-red or pale. In some cases varicose veins on the legs are considered.

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The people here on the island pretend to be true, a single in the very literal sense - they capitulate, give the damn in the vanity of youth and let nature go its way. The entropy increases with age, the decay seems indispensable, and the portraits have fallen away with it.

Photo: Kasper Kristoffersen
Photo: Ulrik Jantzen

White Male Nostalgia?

Behind the Photo Documentary Book Getaway stand five talented photographers who have their daily work at the photo agency Office Jantzen, and the purpose of the book has been to examine the Westerner who he or she is when he or she "enjoys, dreams, flees and recovers".

There is something «White Male Nostalgia» over the rhetoric. Photographers parody travel agency sales texts when…

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