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The photo model that would not be filmed

The Disappearance of My Mother
Regissør: Beniamino Barrese
( Italia)

SKY LINSE LICE: The camera-dependent photo model now shuns her son's worn-in documentary filming, at the same time as she criticizes the image-driven model industry she has had as a livelihood.

Beniamino Barrese is a photographer and naturally fascinated by photos – both photo and film. He tries to immortalize his 76-year-old mother, Benedetta Barzini, on film, but encounters tough resistance. The mother is a former top model from the fashion industry, but has become a feminist and tries to get away from filming. "F ** k off!" She says to the film camera. From seeking attention in front of the camera, she is now very critical of the image-driven fashion industry. The Disappearance of My Mother is a film about two strong personalities on collision course and with completely different views of the world.

The conflict between the two opens up a discussion about the importance of the visual in our modern society, and the mother's background is set in a larger cultural and socio-political one. . .

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Astra Zoldnere
Soldiers is a Latvian film director, curator and publicist.

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