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The poet who exceeded the poetry

Arthur Rimbaud in Oslo:
This is the story of how a great poet could rise even higher: Rimbaud in Africa can represent a turning point in literary history. 


After fulfilling his duty as a writer, Arthur Rimbaud (1854 – 1891) chose a controversial new way of life by establishing himself as a businessman in Aden and Harar in Ethiopia. Business is exploring under the anarchist arena of society, and is thus not a first choice for most people. Forcing the stock market into violence requires some courage.

The time in Africa is a somewhat secluded chapter in this poet's life. The history of literature naturally concentrates on the good poems he wrote, just as I myself for a period discovered the originality of his poetry. Still – it is under the sun of Africa the last ten years of his life that the genius unfolds to the full, and a meaningful work for him is initiated. Here he gets precise things to work with – we talk numbers and mathematics, science and not least about being able to succeed, as well as reaching out with his message to be able to point to the visible,. . .

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Lars Øyno
Theater director and writer. See also Theater of Cruelty or Wikipedia

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