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The assassination policy

During Obama's presidency, the war on terror went from being a conventional war fought with ground forces, to becoming a covert war fought with drones and advanced surveillance equipment.

Jeremy Scahill and the staff of the Intercept:
The Assasination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program
Simon & Schuster, 2016

The Assassination Complex is based on documents leaked by one insider, and provides a solid overview of the drone war. The book demystifies the US drone campaign and kills a number of the myths that have gained a foothold. Politicians often use the legitimate language of "surgical precision" when referring to the use of drones, but the documents clearly show that this picture is false. On the contrary, drones kill ten times more civilians than manned aircraft do, and these in turn also kill far more civilians than ground operations do. The advantage of drones is perhaps first and foremost political: As long as you do not have soldiers on the ground, it is easier to keep operations secret and the reality of war disappears from people's consciousness.

NSA's Little Boy. At least as frightening as the drones themselves, the way is the target of a drone attack. . .

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Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

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