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The post-Soviet city where dance is political

Raving Riot
Regissør: Stepan Polivanov

TECHNO PROTESTS: A dancing protest and its rise and fall in front of the parliament of Georgia.

A documentary about club life i Georgia, Raving Riot had the premiere of a crowded 1500 seat auditorium during this year's Beat Film Festival in Moscow. The energetic flourishing of a young, creative viewing scene in the former Soviet Republic's capital, Tbilisi, has put the city on the map for people all over the world, and despite existing geopolitical tensions, Russia is no exception. But that was not the only thing that attracted Mosquitoes Raving Riot, the directorial debut to Stepan Polivanov, produced by the well-established independent collective Stereotactic in Moscow. The film centers on police raids against Tbilisi's biggest club, Bassiani, in May 2018, which prompted thousands to protest in front of Georgia's parliament by dancing in defiance of thunderous techno. This has parallels to an August 2017 raid against Rabitza, a DIY techno club in Moscow, where police also carried out harsh arrests of guests and staff. But rather than respond with collective resistance, Rabitza simply shut down – and the Mosquitoes wanted to see what it was in the situation in Georgia that made a public resistance wave possible.

club Culture

Raving Riot extends . . .

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Carmen Gray
Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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