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The profit hunt price

Sheep Hero (Sheep Hero)
Regissør: Ton van Zantvoort

SOCIAL CRITICISM: The pursuit of profit forces the Dutch shepherd Stijn out of his comfort zone. Honest work is no longer enough – today you have to have sharp elbows.

When I imagine a shepherd, I imagine a solitary figure surrounded by green hills and sheep – a peaceful, nomadic existence high up in the mountains. I would have thought that this old profession, dating back many thousands of years, was something only found in very rural areas. Until I saw Sheep Hero, the documentary about the modern shepherd Stijn from the Netherlands.
Stijn chose to be a shepherd to keep the tradition alive, and despite a lot of reluctance, he stuck to his ideals.

When I meet the filmmaker, Ton van Zantvoort, after the screening during Dokufest in Kosovo, he explains why he made it. . .

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Emma Bakkevik
International freelance writer for Ny Tid

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