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The banks and the state's pyramid scheme

Norges Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the private banks are playing an ingenious game to create money for loans. The problem is that the huge bill is sent in the future.

Pursuant to the Lottery Act, pyramid schemes and pyramid-generating turnover systems are prohibited from creating, operating, participating in or propagating, because all pyramid schemes ultimately end in disaster. It is thus illegal – just not when our politicians, central banks and private banks are doing it. They can retaliate to the unrecognizable while making a big profit on the use of our money. All this accumulation of debt must eventually be settled by future generations of taxpayers. When debt is out of control, as it is now in much of the industrialized world, an economic collapse always hits the middle class and the poor hardest.

Pyramid Game. Every pyramid scheme must grow. . .

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Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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  1. Very good article! You highlight an incredibly important topic that most people are overshadowed by in a media controlled by politicians and those in power themselves. The Fed, the US Federal Reserve, is privately run where shareholders receive a 6% dividend from the interest rate they earn. From 1988 to 2010, US taxpayers paid more than $ 8 trillion in interest alone. Not only that, the Fed is primarily owned by the Rothschild family, the Rockefellers and other elite families.

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