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It's just a matter of time. Calendar poem 2014–2018
Regissør: Eldrid Lunden

Genuine and personal poetry collection from Eldrid Lunden.

Eldrid Lunden, the country's first professor of writing and for many years active as general manager of the Authors' Study in Bø, presents his first collection of poems in thirteen years. Her poetry still has the same format as before: Short, sometimes even word-poor poems, which still convey a lot to us readers, not because Lunden on life and death should express so much between the lines, but rather because she masters the pregnant and significant . Already in the first poem, she addresses someone we quickly understand was the husband, the spouse, the life partner and the life companion. He is gone, dead, and at the same time present, present, a face that comes and goes in the mind and consciousness. This is written both soberly and with what we could call the good and absolutely necessary pathos, unsentimental and sincere, not least because Lunden leads this private dimension into a more general observation around the very phenomenon of love, she quotes Seneca the younger, as in a letter to the son writes that after the grief over the loss one must find a new one. . .

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Kurt Sweeney
Literary critic.

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