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The refugee crisis, the fear and the free Finnish woman

Aurora Direction and script
Regissør: Miia Tervo

HARMFUL: This intense, hurtful and screaming comedy is typical of a generation of young, rootless women.

While xenophobia is growing in Europe, people are dying in droves – in war, on the run or just because of the lack of clean water. How many people can a society try to assimilate without it all going to hell fast? Horror stories and real stories of group rape, assaults and killings by refugees and asylum seekers scare the locals in parts of Sweden and several places here at home, in Greece and many other European countries. Fascism gets grounded when fear prevails. Can a slapstick-noise-techno-romantic comedy help with the integration and understanding of people?


The feature film Aurora is tiring and life-affirming, and the same characteristic can be used about the female Finnish main character. Her extravagant escape from the alcoholic father, countless traumas and a poor life as a nail designer – and not least her life as a party girl with a fatal result – take on. Her dream is to do intestinal lavage in Norway. Expelling other people's shit can supposedly make a good profit, but Aurora needs money for the plane ticket. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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