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The sweat of the work

Move Fast and Break Things
Forfatter: Jonathan Taplin
Forlag: Lindhardt og Ringhof (Danmark)
The book Move Fast and Break Things draws sharp criticism of Google, Facebook and Amazon, but at the same time is partly romantic and uninhibited.

It should have been so good, but it went so wrong. The tale of the roots of the Internet often takes its starting point in the near strange rendezvous between the interests of the military and a counterculture that wanted easier access to more free information. Technological achievements combined with state aid and input from the innovative parts of the hippie culture thus formed the foundation of what we today call the Internet. But something went wrong along the way. As a result, we did not have easy access to information from all over the world in decentralized form. Instead, we got a few companies that controlled most of the centralist – yes, almost monopoly-like conditions guided by Ayn Rand's libertarian philosophy.

In the book Move Fast and Break Things Jonathan Taplin sets out to find out what went so horribly wrong. . .

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Steffen Moestrup
Permanent contributor to MODERN TIMES.

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