The timelessness of globalization

Globalization is fright

In everyday speech, the word is most commonly used by business people when asking for tax benefits, by the left when asking for protection of jobs and by the right when it wants to close the boundaries. Until a few years ago, international cooperation forums were able to keep this "beast" empty. In fact, globalization benefits utilized so that large parts of the world grew out of poverty, took care of each other and got to participate in a healthy competition.

This is no longer the case. Now only industries except tax survive – as we see with our own oil and shipping industry as well as GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) – where profits do not contribute to the community. Communication technology and climate change have made it impossible for totalitarian regimes to silence people's cries for freedom, with the provisional exception of China.


In the post-war period, organized society has gained momentum. It will slowly, far too slowly, many will say, turn around the way we collect taxes and create. . .

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