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"The Trumpocene"

We Need to Talk… Artists and the public respond to the present conditions in America
Forfatter: Petzel galleri
Forlag: Hatje Cantz (USA/Tyskland)
After Donald Trump won the presidential election, the staff at Petzel Gallery in New York gathered some of the most recognized artists of the day for counter-combat.


9. November 2016: Already the day after the US election, there is a rioting mood at the Petzel Gallery morning meeting in Chelsea, New York. "How did this happen? We must do something! But what? ”Only 24 hours after Donald Trump's surprising rise from the reality star to the incumbent president, the ripple effects have spread throughout the United States. On social media, lynching reports
sentiment from Trump supporters against immigrants from east to west. Muslim girls put the hijab at home in fear of being subjected to verbal and physical attacks on their way to school, African Americans getting the "n-word" thrown after them, and Latinos
Americans are asked to return. . .

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Marstrander is a freelance writer.

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