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The unbearable ease of politics

Brexit in June and failed coup in Turkey in July – and heck, then the whole situation in Europe had changed to the unrecognizable.

Europe, this continent named after a Phoenician princess, who has leaders who believe they are the center of the world, even though the continent is just a dead end to the Eurasian land mass – this Europe is in its worst crisis since World War II, and politicians are watching not seem to understand any thing.

For three years, the terrorist group calling itself the Islamic State, and which is also called Daesh, declared that in the name of Islam it wants to restore the caliphate and that it should cover not only the Middle East and North Africa, but also parts of southern Europe. This group has emerged in a strange way. It has not grown out of the social conflicts anywhere, but appears more as a franchise for a couple of the oil dictatorships and Turkey, a foreign legion with recruits from over 100 countries. And it has obviously received funding, weapons and access to lucrative markets by the same powers, and with the US and the West as backers. When the United States agreed to step up the war to destroy Syria, the CIA planners knew that this would lead to the creation of the "caliphate" – and they regarded it as a good thing.

This group, which professes an interpretation of Islam that is close to Saudi Salafism, has been very clear on what they want all along: to strike "the infidels," and create fear and division in the lands of the infidels. They have said they want to trigger a mass exodus to Europe and send their suicide bombers hidden. . .

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Pål Steigan
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