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The unpleasant truth

Living by the Gun in Chad
Forfatter: Marielle Debos
Forlag: Zed Books
Living by the Gun in Chad is a real find for those who want to understand the political complexity of sub-Saharan Africa.

Political scientist Marielle Debos, a new star in the French-academic Africa sky, did field work in Chad for a year and a half to gather knowledge and inspiration for her book  Living by the Gun in Chad (Original title: Living with the poor in Chad). Although the book's empiricism is only from Chad, it contains a number of examples that are transferable to many other African countries.

Practice and theory. The author uses his experiences from the field work well. Each chapter starts with an event that the author himself attended during their stay in the African country. She uses this anecdote as an angle to understand how people think and consider action options in a country characterized by authoritarian and unpredictable political decisions.

Gregory Mann, professor of African at Colombia University, has recently argued that it is dangerous to base one's own experiences on writing history. He claims that what one writes about then becomes eclectic and self-centered. On the contrary, I think this grip works great. . .

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Ketil Fred Hansen
Hansen is a professor of social sciences at UiS and a regular reviewer at Ny Tid.

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