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The unquenchable blood thirst of capitalism

Danish capitalism. Breakthrough, greatness and stagnation
Forfatter: Anders Lundkvist
Forlag: Forlaget Hovedland (Danmark)
Crises are just what capitalism needs. What, then, is smarter than dealing with disasters when the system stagnates? 

After reading my way through 200 school cuddly, incredibly dusty and boring pages in Danish capitalism, I'm almost giving up. History of business cycles, prices, and an endless array of tables can take a crack at anyone. I'm in the desert and need water!

Then it comes flowing, as from heaven: “Neither life nor death? The inner contradictions of capitalism, that is, its masochistic tendency to destroy itself, are nothing new, so far it has always found a solution, "writes Lundkvist. Suddenly the book is in a very topical discussion about capitalism. . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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