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Victor Kossakovsky: Varicella

Eurodok Film Festival: Predictable but respectful film about ambitious children caught in the ballet's mandatory melancholy.

The weight of the world's longest legs

"Look for the longest leg in the world!" The ballet teacher's voice screams through the underground white hall. "Make it beautiful, girls! Yesterday it was more beautiful. Express their individuality! ”
The skinny young girls are lined up as a row of nearly identical white spears, clinging to the bar and pushing the world's longest legs upward while balancing on trembling feet. The illusion of angels' weightlessness is maintained through militant, fluid movements. The music should feel with the heart, the passion expressed in lively features.
Inconveniently enough, even young pipe stems are subjected to gravity. 12-year-old Nastya suppresses the sniffing while she gets shut up because she does not lift. . .

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Hilde Susan Jaegtnes
Author and screenwriter for film and television.

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