“It would is not over. Long live what it would be! ”

NATURE: The attempt to control nature's wildness locally has created uncontrolled effects globally. Do we have to freeze and sweat more in the future, or is civilization far wilder?

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Published: September 28, 2020
Is Wildness Over?
Author: Paul Wapner
Publisher: Polity Books, USA

American Paul Wapner is a professor of global environmental policy and has previously written the book Living Through the End of Nature (2013). Here he considers what nature conservation is according to what Bill McKibbens has called the postnatural.the idea of ​​the demise of wild and independent nature in a time where man-made climate changes, pollution and unrestrained looting of natural resources are ubiquitous. In his new book Is Wildness Over? Wapner discusses how nature's repressed wild side returns and haunts us.

The goal of the modern capitalist world has…

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