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The will to life

In the presence of Schopenhauer

LIFE SPARK: First comes poverty and hardship, the diseases, the struggle to save lives. Then comes the sorrows of love, jealousy, envy, hatred, anxiety, greed, and greed for goods and gold.

The publisher Solum Bokvennen has just published a collection of essays by the French author Michel Houellebecq, In the presence of Schopenhauer. It came in French in 2016. The book is translated by Hanne Herrman.

This little book is a very personal book. It consists of Houellebecq's own translations of primarily excerpts from Arthur Schopenhauer's (1788–1860) masterpieces, The world as will and imagination (The world as will and performance) and a little from Aphorisms about life wisdom ("Aphorisms of the Wisdom of Life"). In addition to the translations, he gives us very personal comments about how this work has affected him.

Houellebecq's translations seem good, but we must not forget that the texts have first been translated from German into French, and now they have again been translated into Norwegian. One might fear that one has finally moved a bit away from the original German text.
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Rune Fritz Nicolaysen
Freelance writer.

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